Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Native American Accessories... a journey back to childhood.

I am not sure why, but I am a sucker for all things that look like cheesy Native American souvenirs.
When I was little, my dad had this guitar strap that was make from this ribbon like this...
Top Ribbon: found at Goodwill in the form of a belt
Bottom Ribbon: Walmart Fabric Dept.

I was a very visual child, and I remember having an attachment to the way it looked. 
It is now nostalgic to me and makes me feel like a kid again. 

Also, as a child, we used to sped out summers staying at 
7A Ranch Resort in Wimberley, Texas.

In the pioneer town, there was a souvenir shop that had this little beaded purses, doll necklaces, and cheap Native American trinkets (although probably made in China). I used to have all that stuff from there at one point, but it got lost, broken,  or thrown away as I grew up. 
But as most people, you want all the stuff back you had as a child... 
I guess to feel like a child again. 
So, I am going through this weird phase where I am trying to gain back all these things Native American "ish" trinkets I once had.

Here is my journey attempt back to my childhood...

 I saw these purse necklaces at Canton TradeDays ( AKA First Monday)
I remember then asking about $20 for them there...
and I was thinking that I could just make them if I found ribbon like that. 
So, I began searching for this style ribbon.
I bought the two ribbons above from Goodwill and Walmart.

These are some things I have been collecting over the years. 
If I see something that sparks a memory, I buy it. 

I made this with the belt I bought at Goodwill using the picture I took from Canton as a guide to making the purse necklace... It was actually pretty easy.

I found this Red Tank in HighSchool when I used to shop at the most awesome thrift store ever
called Value Village in Pasadena, Texas. 
If you ever get the chance. GO GO GO there!!!

These two barrettes I got from a friend who understands my bizarre style (Thanks Cara!)
This Indian girl necklace I got as a girl from 7A Ranch Store, but it is broken. 
I am thinking of somehow repairing it or changing it, but it is very delicate and I fear it may break even worse.. I'll sleep on it.

I got these shoes for Christmas to wear around the house. 
I found them at WalMart of all places!

I used the ribbon I bought from Walmart to sew up a bow to wear as an accessory. 

Pinstripe Jean vest, Jean skirt, and orange leg warmers (I cut from a sweater's sleeves!)  from my latest GoodWill trip, Tuxedo red shirt from Old Navy. 

I am going to try to put together an outfit to go with my Purse Necklace when i have time...
This is what happened today while I was busy picking our the outfit today!

I laughed my head off!
Maddy got into Big Sister's make up kit (accidentally left open!).
Maybe i won't get "mother of the year", but maybe I will get "thrift store fashionista queen"!

More picture posted soon!

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