Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Coffee Creamer Pals...

My Deer/Kangaroo Cup

My Toddler's Lion Cup

As I mother, I am continually getting my beverage snatched by little hands, drunk up, and spilled.
So, I love cups with safety lids.
But, they can be expensive.
So, I decided to start saving my flavored coffee creamer bottles to help me with this problem.
I discovered you can rip off the plastic and it is either clear or white underneath.
This can be helpful in many creative  and organizational ways. 
I decided to whip up some cuddle creatures to snuggle the cup.
So, I am taking each member of my family's favorite animal and making them their own cover for their own personal reused creamer bottle for their own beverage.
Or if they decide to snatch mine, at least it won't spill!

Madelynn with her GIrly Monster Critter....

Poodle Cup Critter

Bumble Bee cup critter
A kitty for my Teacher Friend...

the Monster Mug Pal... that I made for my hub.
It is secretly my favorite of the bunch. 
I just may have to make myself a monster!

Thanks for reading!

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