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Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Monday, March 25, 2013

Fruit of Death... Lily of Life!

by Tabitha Seaton

From the tree of life is a fruit of death.
a blister sprout as poison as meth.
If I eat that forbidden fruit I will surely die.
I took a bite and became fearfully shy.
I realized my sins were exposed, 
and in haste I covered with clothes.
I wanted to hide from Him who knew, 
so under a dark rock I swiftly flew.
As I heard His gentle footsteps growing near,
I felt a peaceful melting of my fear.
There was a ceasing of my tremble
when He showed me His love a symbol.
It was a cross that was to come erected
where Heaven and Earth would become intersected.
The curtain between them would disappear
and His love would finally become more clear.
To this cross our spirits would be led
and all of our sins would finally be shed.
On this structure a Savior would be hung
on which his life in blood will be slung.
When it is finally finished the curtain will be torn.
When our Savior dies... We will be reborn.
No other lamb will have to be slain.
That kind of act will now be in vain.
He is now the one true Lamb... they've been replaced.
With Him all the sins will be erased.
There will be a hope that is new, 
and a Holy Spirit that is true, 
Now every lily will praise His name.
Nothing after will be the same.
From his death sleep He will rise again
and His death defeat will remove all our sin.
So, the guilt I carry from this apple I bit, 
It is buried now and on it's grave I spit. 
I will not think of it again
I will not let lies eat me from within. 
He put to death all my doubt...
and from it's seeds, love will sprout.
The apple seed that's buried in the ground
will be the lily that's voice is heard all around, 
singing songs of praise and rejoice,
forever more I am drawn to it's voice!


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