Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hamster on a Wheel, Art and Poetry

                         I wrote and illustrated this poem after yesterday's post... view it here.

Hamster on a wheel, 
How does it feel
going nowhere in vain
and quickly going insane?
Running so fast to get where you will, 
every ticking moment you can't afford to kill.
No time to waste, 
striving in clumsy haste. 
How many tasks can you manage at once, 
juggling, spinning, multi-tasking stunts?
Do you ever stop to take a rest
to enjoy in life what is the best?
Keep running till your legs can go no more, 
throbbing in pain you will search for the cure.
You rest for a while, 
to muster a proud accomplished smile, 
at all the labors you completed...
but suddenly you feel radically cheated!

But a hand reaches in and giggles at your stress.
saying, "Come here to me & I will fix this mess.
Works cannot get you where you want to go, 
rest here in me and take it slow.
I will supply all your needs. 
I am the loving hand that feeds. 
I will give you a task that will take you somewhere.
Take this  loving feeling of care
and spread it out among the others out there, 
those lost little hamsters that don't know thier value, 
share with them something special and true.
COnvince them to stop running on those wheels, 
I will supply them with loving meals
that will satisfy the hunger they have inside
all of thier needs will be supplied.
Just look up for my face when you need to be calm, 
I will hold you close to my heart as you rest in my palm.

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