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Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Poetry by Me

I have been interested in illustrating as long as I can remember.
I remember in 2nd grade being inspired by Shel Silverstein. 
I took some of his poems and illustrated them just for fun as a kid. 
Writing and Art go hand in hand to me. 
It is hard for me to do one without the other
Here are some examples of my illustrated poetry...

by Tabitha Seaton

by Tabitha Seaton

I have in my eyes an image of peace.
In my life I am taking a new lease. 
I choose to give the benefit of the doubt as
I fill my cup half full from my hopeful waterspout.
Some may think rainbows of hope are naive, 
but I have made a decision to believe. 
Since my sight has changed with my new pair of glasses, 
I don't see the same as the populous masses.
I focus on seeing differently than those around me,
Focusing on the things that praise joyfully.
I choose to see the colorful side,
with a stronger force driving while I'm along for the ride.
 These glasses were prescribed when my eyes were at their weakest,
They revealed promise to me when my world was it's bleakest.
I have witnessed life on the other side of the glass,
I have chosen to let that existence pass.
I lived in the world of suspicion and fear
for an entire wasted year.
That side is out of focus and blurred with doubt, 
I despise what that side is all about.
But it's hard to appreciate the calm and serene
 Without once walking through the destructive scene
could let fear soak in, run, and hide...
let destruction eat me inside.
I could easily remove the spectacles I wear
and consciously decide not to care.
But, I prefer to see the peaceful side of the lens,
on this my hope depends.
This side where my home stands strong
all the day long. 
Where no consuming fire can crumble
the song of hope that I mumble, 
Where I can dance like a child on the green 
not afraid to be seen.
I trust, hope, believe 
and blessings I receive.
 I recommend a new prescription to you, 
if you are seeing grey skies instead of blue.
      I will gladly share the source of my vision
or let you know the root of my decision. 
But you have to put it on everyday
or else your vision will slowly slip away.

by Tabitha Seaton
 I was alone in the cold, dark, and dead forest and soiled in selfish sins. I could not see the way on my own. I humbly asked for guiding light to shine down on my way. It shone through the limbs that reached up for Him. It melted my loneliness and pain. It transformed me from selfish to no longer vain. It exposed what sin was in my ways , avoiding it now all my days. The light dominated the darkness and made warm my skin. I beckoned it and absorbed it in. 

by Tabitha Seaton

Dirty from sin based on selfish desires within. Left to die in darkness soaked in vile of the flesh. Cannot save yourself, reaching out for help. A savior’s in the midst bleeding at the wrist. Sacrificed for your mistakes, never can you be worthy by your own attempt. This is why He was sent. To take on your shame and clean your spirit. It is a gift of greatest love ever sent. Just reach out for Him and take it and confess with your lips. Feel the sins washed away by the crimson flow today. Take His spirit as your own and accept this love he has shown. Now you are seen in a different light, by Jesus you are made right. Seen by your Father as white as snow, you take on His Son's glow. Praise Him now and Thank Him humbly. Fear His Power this very hour. He prepared the path for you to walk and the Spirit will guide your talk. Remember it is Him inside as a supernatural guide.

by Tabitha Seaton
 Art inspired by Keith Haring

 Quiet in my pew, wanting to dance, 
will I ever get my chance. I want to be free and not tangled up. 
I want to express, 
I want to jump. 
I want to break the silence with praise 
and hands raised.   
I am afraid of sticking out 
afraid to shout.   
Do I dare 
if others will stare. 
But I cannot contain the feeling inside, 
this feeling I can no longer hide! 

by Tabitha Seaton

 Our spirit is a little bird trapped in this cage of a world. We are put here with a free will to choose life or death. Inside the bars we have not chosen the way of our future.  We are lured by tempting sins that only lead to dark deception. Our spirit’s wings will be clipped and our claws in bondage. There’s a  light of life can defeat the evilness.  Love is reaching out to set us free. Our spiritual wings can let us fly through the sky of infinity. His love is the key to all we desire and will take us higher. It is our choice we have to voice, use your song and invite His rescue…


by Tabitha Seaton
 My habit a ball and we're linked by a chain. Dragging a weight that increases my pain.
Washing my sorrow down with a Drink, Heavy with sadness and ready to sink.
Living my life my own selfish way, never even considering to pray.
I run from that light to blurry my sight. Not ready to see straight,
or expose my weakness and hate. Already knowing what God would say.
So on this island of shame I lay, hidden by blackest night
far away from His sight. On this lonely Island I hide
my deceiving comfort is my coat of pride.
I am my own Healer, avoiding a revealer.
Taking Pain into my own hand not caring where I land.

Crippled with fear crawling to every Bar. Healing myself got me this far.
Continually running from Him, filling my glass to the brim. Nothing I have proven
Except a false illusion,  That I can handle it my own way,
What would happen if I did pray? If I casted a message to the sea,
Would He really hear me?
(Throws in surrendering message, Light shines on Him)...
A light of Rescue
i fear, making my sin clear.
Spotlight on my shame, only myself to blame.
I cannot hide on this Rock. He holds the key to my lock.
This chance to break the ball and chain and be healed by His Gracious Rain.
He is searching me out, casting our all this doubt.
Calling me by my name...erasing my shame.
How did he find me on my cold hard rock?
How can He use me as part of His flock? I surrender to You!
Help me Jesus, it IS true! All the Promises in your Word,
All the things I have always heard. You cast your light on it clear.
I have NO MORE FEAR!!!

by Tabitha Seaton
 Each heavy stone I set there myself. 
From hurt and hate I built up a shelf. 
This wall protected me , that was my plan. 
But this wall was protecting my from my Father’s  hand. 
I built it up good and it took a long time. 
All that was in it I thought was behind. 
But it still got to me I started to see. 
But now I let them go and since I am free. 

by Tabitha Seaton
 I swing her so high she almost reaches the sky,
So innocent and sweet,
on this swaying seat.
Who else would she share this moment so fair,
but with her Father on high as she passes by.
She calls out His name to show Him how close
she is to the Father she loves the most.
What tenderness I am a witness to,
This angel  in the high blue.

by Tabitha Seaton
 We are created to thirst for something more,
Searching for something to soak our core.
We go our whole life not finding what’s real, 
not drinking his waters that can heal.
 There is no substitution,
He is the only perfect solution.
It is there for us, the water of life,
this water can solve our suffering and strife

by Tabitha Seaton
 Who knows me better than my Maker?
Your hands created me
and mold me still
to fit your will.
A vessel cannot make itself,
only hold in what it is given.
It can crack from abuse
but be remolded to use.
My vessel is unscarred
by your hands that mend the marred.
Reshape me to be used by you.
Undo anything I do
that reshaped what you have spun.

by Tabitha Seaton
Art inspired by Henri Matisse
 I was  stuck in position not able to move, 
from the place I created my own little groove.
The wind blew through my stiff brittle limbs, 
softening, molding me from within.
Now I can move and dance in delight, 
he has abolished all of my fright.
All of my love 
in the sound of a dove,
To his gentle song 
I am dancing along. 

by Tabitha Seaton
 Sin is so heavy it pulls me down low,
In sin I am buried and I am beginning to grow.
I am one with the ground,
here my false identity I found,
I am here from myself, though others I can blame,
I am the source of my own pain.
These maggots down here feed on the living,
they are hungry for sin and I keep on giving.
I let others tempt me to make the choice,
I didn’t listen for Him or hear his voice,

Now I scream out for rescue from sin,
To heal all the hurt I hold deep within.
“Come get me my Lord, Save me from Me!”
I know from your rescue I will be free.
He digs me out from the pit I lay in,
He does not judge
or hold a grudge.
He pulls me to Him and holds me tight,
He lets me know it is all right.
He died for the pit and all within,
it is my choice to leave
I must believe. 

by Tabitha Seaton
A change happened inside
Ripping out my pride. 
I have been born again 
Changing my spirit within. 
I was born of this world
but now conform to His Word. 
Always striving to fit 
to the love I find in it.
Every scripture taken to heart 
as I spread the pages apart.

It’s not just letters on a page

Written over the age.

It is alive and so real

That it’s power can heal.

His  Word sent to His people

Who await his sweet sequel.

by Tabitha Seaton
 I used to be far, small, and weak.
 Not knowing my power I had underneath.
Then I grew stronger but held onto some things, 
had faith not enough to grow any wings.
Till I knew I could not fly on my own, 
not until I was full grown,
This growing only happens when we let Him lead,
 the sprouting of what once was a seed.
Now can be a  beautiful flying creature, 
this only learned through the true teacher.

by Tabitha Seaton
Your blood saves me from my sin.
I reach up high to let it in.
I want to be covered from head to toe.
Have mercy on me down here below.
Your grace is sufficient.
I’m full of repentance.
I  am always in awe
how you change my flaw.
My soul overflows.
My Spirit grows.
I thank you Lord.
Our spirits now accord.


by Tabitha Seaton
 He is so powerful with such a clear view of me. 
He knows what I need and sometimes I cannot see.
Why do I pull and tug selfishly,
for Him to give in to my will for me?
I will never win if I fight for my way,
I live my life for Him everyday.
Give up the rope and trust in His power,
his view of me is higher than the tallest tower.

by Tabitha Seaton
 You are all creation in my sight,
I see your power,
Feel your might
under the waterfall of your love.
The mist invites me to be refreshed,
under your stream I am blessed.
Surrounded by you in reflections of blue,
Fill me with your living water
till my thirst dies inside.
So undeniable real,
I see you everywhere.
Your robe is the stream,
May I touch your hem
and be made clean.

by Tabitha Seaton

Why did He grace me with such a treasure
to offer me this sweet pleasure?
He manifested His presence to me,
casting every lie of the enemy free.
His loving presence was shown.
The sincere truth is know.
Dripping from the warmest place
this substance of amazing grace.
Like warm honey from above
was an expression of his wondrous love.
I was hard as a stone with a will of my own.
From His loving arms I had flown.
I conformed to a self made mold
putting His plans for me on hold.
This liquid dripped from light rays.
Like honey melted my selfish ways.
Molding my soul
my life surrendered to His control.
Transforming all of my days,
His loving hands on me he lays.
Leaving color where it kissed,
this flow opening spiritual senses I missed.
Hard sealing it with His hand,
changing everything I planned.
Felt the glow from inside out,
showing others what His love is all about.
after His grace anointed me brow...
How can I ever deny His love now?


Hamster on a wheel, 
How does it feel
going nowhere in vain
and quickly going insane?
Running so fast to get where you will, 
every ticking moment you can't afford to kill.
No time to waste, 
striving in clumsy haste. 
How many tasks can you manage at once, 
juggling, spinning, multi-tasking stunts?
Do you ever stop to take a rest
to enjoy in life what is the best?
Keep running till your legs can go no more, 
throbbing in pain you will search for the cure.
You rest for a while, 
to muster a proud accomplished smile, 
at all the labors you completed...
but suddenly you feel radically cheated!

But a hand reaches in and giggles at your stress.
saying, "Come here to me & I will fix this mess.
Works cannot get you where you want to go, 
rest here in me and take it slow.
I will supply all your needs. 
I am the loving hand that feeds. 
I will give you a task that will take you somewhere.
Take this  loving feeling of care
and spread it out among the others out there, 
those lost little hamsters that don't know their value, 
share with them something special and true.
Convince them to stop running on those wheels, 
I will supply them with loving meals
that will satisfy the hunger they have inside
all of their needs will be supplied.
Just look up for my face when you need to be calm, 
I will hold you close to my heart as you rest in my palm.

                                                         More unillustrated poetry here...
                                                          BALLOONS OF FREEDOM

and created by Tabitha Seaton.
If you wish to share the images or words give credit to the creator.
Thank You.


  1. This is extraordinarily beautiful, I loved it so much. Such good insights with such beautiful and real imagery. I could relate to everything. Thank you so much for opening my eyes and inspiring me. I wish I could say that I wrote this, that's how much I love it.

  2. Awwww Julia, you are very kind. Thank you for your encouraging words. I am just happy to share His love in hopes that others will as madly for Him as I have.