Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Black Bob Job?

Black Bob Job?

Ok, so the plan was to grow out my red and blonde bob and try to look like this...
so pretty, so luscious, 

so uniquely cool, 

But considering my addiction to messing with my hair... 
after 2 long weeks...
In both senses... it's killing me and I am going to color it.
I decided to just keep the bob and go black. 
I really like my current hair as of now (see below)
red and blonde, light and dark, contrasty... 

                                                               but I have hair ADD!
Thank you for making these images possible...

So, my lack of patience drives me to stay the same length but go a different color direction...
I always loved SnowWhite the best out of all the other princesses. 
She is just the most beautiful. Her dark hair, white skin, red lips... 
she rocks. 
After obsessing over the world wide web and looking for beautiful brunette bobs, 
these are the ones I thought were the best.

Classic and sleek...

artsy and unique...

The girl on left.,, kinda crazy cool hip black bob. 

vintage cool, 

confident and clean... 

smart and sassy...





but femanine, (Jess from Tattoo shop)

But... if I do it black... 
it's the hardest color to strip out if I change my mind.
And... I do change my mind a lot.

Blonde would be hard to get back...

Will I be brave enough?
To be continued...

so i bought the boxes. 
Black for my read and brown for my blonde.

separate the two into sections...



I like it!

Too see an updated look that is REALLY black.. visit here.

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