Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

My Faith

I was raised as a Christian, my Mother being the spiritual leader of the home.
I knew my whole life who Jesus was and what Christians believed in.
I tried to do my best. But being uninvolved in school, lacking positive and faithful role models, bored and boy crazy did not help lead me down the right path. I tended to put myself in bad situations, but God was faithful to always protect me. 
As I grew older, got married, and had children... 
I began to doubt my personal relationship with Christ.
I wondered if I really believed because that was how I was raised, 
or did I really believe because it was in my heart.
I wondered if God really loved me personally
or just the world and it's entirety.
After raising this question to the Heavens...
I got an answer.

This is where the journey of MY FAITH began.
My life was forever changed by a spiritual expereince that forced me to 
Never Doubt Again.
I feel truly blessed to have gone through this enlightnement
and greatful of how God has been using me ever since. 
I know all that I have is His. 
My faith keeps me grounded, humble, and at peace.
I know I can get through anything life throws at me
if I am holding my Father's Hand. 
The more I walk through with Him, 
the Deeper my Faith grows. 

I dedicate my 
Fashion, Art, Home, Family, Marriage, Career, Poetry, and all that comes from me to my Creator.

If you are interested in following the illustrated steps of my life and testimony, 
visit here..

This song is how I want to live my life...

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