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Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Saturday, March 2, 2013

THE BURNING you love me... and why?

All these days living right here on this Earth
each day feeling my diminishing worth.
All of my life I've been trying to please, 
pathetically waiting down here on my knees
for one small compliment from some kind soul
to fulfill my confidence that somebody stole.
I keep my ears open for words I can cling
some kind of sincerity in the verses they sing.
Look at me, listen to me, know who I am...
cause I'm as lost as a young baby lamb,
I will follow whoever calls my name
cause i am so scared to just be the same
as all those around me in this massive crowd
my voice sounds so small no matter how loud.
Do you see me here waiting for you
or is my face just one in this ocean so blue?
I am trying to matter here in this ever moving cluster
but exactly why this feeling?... I can't muster.
Why am I hungry for thier opinions of me?
I look up to those who live happily
with that confident smile that comes from within
never having a problem and just fitting in.
Why do I feel as though I never belong
like something deep down went somehow wrong?
There's voice in my spirit is starting to wake
A burst of loving wisdom is beginning to quake...
What's that you say, don't worry about them.
just look to you and trust your garment hem?...
To know my true worth I must ask the maker
of all things big and small that is my true Savior?
My true worth comes from the cost you paid for me
this is the key to me living happily?...
the world has no understanding of my worth... is that true?
Then the burning question I ask must be directed to you...
So I ask the most important doubt and concern to you dear...
"Do you love me, and why?"... please answer sincere.
I need to know specifically what it is
that makes me specially unique and inquisitive.
It has to be particular or else not sincere, 
it has to bring warmth to my scared trembling ear. 
So breath deep and contemplate the answer first, 
cause if it is wrong my heart may just burst.
So hold my hand and look into the eyes of my heart,
I am ready for the answer you impart...

The words came to me like a spiritual melody sincere,
not of this world heard by the natural ear,
Words of this world are so shallow when compared,
I finally felt as if one truly cared
for me as a person seen all by myself,
not just one of a massive collection displayed on a shelf,
I was selected and chosen just and given much worth
the answer He gave was not of this earth.
It rooted deep into my soul
filling my empty hole.
I found love in His verse
and it forever satisfies my thirst...

written and completed on March 2, 2013
by Tabitha Ann Seaton

These images below are illustrations of my heart from my Autobiographical Testimony...
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