Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Thrift Week One...

This week, I had a great opportunity to go to local GoodWill. My hubby bought me gift card to there for Valentines day and I have been dying to spend them all. A nap from my toddler made this possible for me!
So, I found some great anchor pieces. 

What is an anchor piece? see here...

I found a jean pinstiped vest, a nautical stirpped quarter length shirt, (both above), 
a blue jean flare skirt, a brown baby doll sweater (below), a sheer long sleeve brown floral undershirt, a sheer feminine lacy Victorian cami!
I loved each piece individually and could not wait to put it all together. 
Here is my week of fabulous finds...


                                          In these 2 above photos, I am wearing the same blue jean thrifted skirt.
A lot of the other items are from previous thrift shopping trips. I love my orange leg warmers i the first photo. I made them from sweater sleeves.

These 2 above pictures, I am wearing the same sheer thrifted top in different ways...
The pink corduroy jacket and pinstriped khaki skirt are also from previous shopping trips at GoodWill.
I like this out fit a lot. I am wearing the same sheer floral brown undershirt as above, nut in a new way. I was so happy to grab it for this mauve shirt. I usually feel uncomfortable wearing it cause the sleeves are too short and tight for my taste. But, this sheer under top is perfect for me to wear beneath it!
I am also sporting my newest creation, my Monster Mug Buddy. 
I made it really for my husband, but I had to get a picture of it. 
See more of them here...

Here in the last (but not least) outfit, I am wearing 2 anchor pieces. 
I have on the same jean skirt as the first pictures from this week's Thrift Run, and a cropped army green corduroy jacket from a previous run. I also am wearing a floral head pin that I made recycled from altered skirts.I shortened. It is one of my favorites!

Here in these 2 photos I am wearing a Gap vest (thrifted/gifted), OldNavy Tuxedo ruffle tshirt, maroon thrifted skirt, brown tights, owl pendant ribbon and pearl necklace both made by LostSockCreations.

THis has been a great thrift week for me. 
Hope you are inspired and ready to go too!
Happy Thrifting! 
Go here to see Thrift Week Two!

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