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Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Monday, June 17, 2013

D.I.Y. Pillow Pal

Hey, are you dreading LONG CAR RIDES with your kids this Summer Vacations? 
Do they tend to be a "pain in the NECK?"
Well, make a neck pillow for your kids to encourage car napping.

Ok, I got this idea the day of my oldest daughter's dance recital. 
The location of this grand event was an hour away. 
She had been using her Pillow Pal dog that she has had since she was born on the long ride there.
She wanted to bring it in to the recital as well since we would be there for an extended period of time. 
Well, of course... it was left behind and we did not notice it till we were almost home. 
I refused to turn around and told her we would find another way to get it back or I could just buy her a new on or even better... MAKE HER ONE!
Everyone loves stuff made from their mommy, right?
I think I was more excited about this than she was and my mind just went on a creative adventure the rest of the drive home while she cried in the back seat the remainder of the ride 
I am pretty sure the tears of hers were fake, she can be a little ... who am I kidding, A LOT dramatic. 
Gotta love her.
Well, we ended up getting it back from the dance teacher who found it and figured it was one of her dancers.
Thank you Koni. But, I still really wanted to make one... or two... and maybe one for my husband.. 
and ME TOO!

NOTE: FYI, I am not a professional sewer and do not know terms of sewing. I also do not use a sewing machine. I have one, it is just that I do not have a sewing maid or mommy to come along and fix it when the sewing machine gets all in a hissy and makes me aggravated. SO, I would rather sew by hand. Okay?

I started off by taking a cheap pillow form we had laying around the house and traced it to the back side of the fabric I wanted. I then cut it our leaving about 1/2 inch around for the extra so it would not fray. 

I then traced the pattern from piece 1 to another piece of fabric that was silky. 
My daughter loves silky fabric so I thought it would be fitting. 
You do not have to use apposing print or texture at all on yours. I just felt like mixing it up a little.

I cut out the patter with pinking sheers just to be a little safer and avoid excess fraying.
I then used safety pins... well, cause they are safe.
The entire time I had little feet and fingers helping me, dancing around me, and siting on my stuff. 
So. I like the safety pins better. THey are safer for me too.

I then did a running stitch (I do know that term, Yay!) from the inside cure and stopped before I got to it again about 4 inches apart. 
Leave this un-sewn gap for stuffing...

THen turn the pillow form right side out for stuffing...

I use polyfil. Make sure to follow instructions and use small pieces and pull them apart some before you stuff. THis keeps if fluffier and you use less.

Stuff... Stuff... Keep stuffing...

Sew up the hole that was left after stuffing pillow.
You could leave it plain.. but then it would just be a pillow, not a pillow PAL!
We all need a pal.

Make your pall come to life.
I had alot of help on this part. 
As soon as I pulled out a big glass jar of buttons...
here comes the girls wanting to help mommy.
FUn FuN FUn!!1 

I went ahead and crocheted some ears and a nose and collected some buttons for  a kitty cat.
That would be a whole another lesson I am not talented enough to teach. 
I can crochet stuff creatively, 
see here
but I have yet to write out instructions. 
I usually just make up the rules as I go along. I was never really "taught", I just learned the basic and went from there by trial and error. 
I do not learn much by reading, so I am not sure if others would get it if I tired anyways.

My littlest girl Madelynn is 2...

My oldest girl Maisy 
(the drama queen who inspired this idea) is 6.

Here is the finished pillow pal #1. 
I am in the process of # 2...
and hope to make more. 

THis is the perfect time to make one since it is SUmmer and a lot of kids will be taking 
Family Vacations which are notorious for LONG CAR RIDES!
We all know who likes kid naps the most...
Have  a great summer...
God Bless!

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