Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Faith art from little hands...

Baby Baptism 
created by Maisy
5 years old

Chuch Bells Ringing
Ok, i drew this base of the church for her and she added the details
(bricks, stained glass, color). 
But I still think it is amazing.

Daniel in the Lion's Den
Created by Maisy 
5 years old

Nativity Scene
created by Maisy 
5 years old

Adam and Eve
Created by Maisy 
5  years old

Moses strikes Water
Created by Maisy
5 years old

He can Reach You...
Her own words 
Maisy 5 years old

Jesus Walks on Water
5 years old Maisy

Moses in a Basket
6 years old

Through the Roof
Maisy 6 years old

These Biblical Illustrations were all created in the last 2 year by my oldest daughter, Maisy. 
I am so impressed not only with her skill, but her ability to take stories and show her view of them with drawings. She is using her talent to help others see Christ more clearly. 
She is walking in her mother's footsteps and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing this in my child. 
I have been telling Maisy stories from her Children's Bible and trying to get her to see the hand of the Creator in all things around her since she was very small. 
I truly began my sincere walk with Christ when she was one years old.
So, that fresh feeling just poured out onto her from my heart. 
All I could do was teach her about His love everyday. 
I am so glad all my talk was actually heard and understood. 
Now I have proof by seeing her work she puts on paper all without any prompting on my part. 
She just opens her Sunday Morning folder in church and starts to draw...
I am always sitting through the service just waiting to see what she will do next.
Thank You God for my Little Artist!

I have been training her to gain skills since she could just print her hand!
Maisy at 3

She started off as an "abstract" painter!
Such "fun" for Mommy...

She has been a spiritual girl for so long...
This is her sleeping with her Bible. 

Artist in Training is right!

She just keeps going everyday
amazing me in every way!

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