Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Friday, June 28, 2013

Thrift Week 5- Family Vacation

My husband was gone for an entire week for a mission trip with our youth group. 
I wanted him to go so bad to experience working for God, but at the same time I was a little scared of how I would handle one week as a single mom! Props to all of you ladies doing it on your own... I would be hairless if I had to do it everyday. But, I trusted that God knew the leader of our home was gone for His work, so I asked Him to give some extra grace for the week of Daddy's absence. 
But, before Shannon (my hubby) left, he promised me some thrift store therapy apon his return. 
So, I did not forget this promise and the day after he came home, I was off to Tyler for some Mommy time. 
I have to say, the best part about the whole thing was driving for 30 minutes to Tyler listening to Christian music on the way there. I really clears my soul and puts things into perspective for me.
I heard my new favorite song by Toby Mac...
Lose My Soul.

SO, when I got there i was in the best mood ever. 


I found some great stuff and tried on a lot. I always go into the dressing room with a plan.
I lay everything all out and try things on in some kind of sensible order. 
See more here..

I had in mind that i was buying things for our vacation we were taking the next day to Wimberley, Texas. 
I needed things to keep me cool. I am having some issues with shorts lately being too short and I am getting too old. SO, I wanted something more longer and age appropriate. 

I spent only $32 on 11 items. I got 2 hats, 5 shirts, 2 shorts, a skirt, and a dress top for my daughter. 
These are some of the details I fell in love with on the items. I loved the embroidered elephant on the dress top I got for my 2 year old Madelynn. I also loved the ladybug print on this sheer top I got for myself. 

This is our traditional family photo from the trip...
this is last year's

In this picture we took at 7A Ranch Resort, 
Madelynn is wearing her elephant shirt dress from Goodwill. 
Maisy is looking pretty, but has no thrifted pieces on. 
I have on the plaid shirt and yellow shorts from Goodwill trip. 
Leopard scarf from WalMart.

Here we are at the most awesome store in San Marcos, Texas called Paper Bear. 
I finally got me a pencil sharpener in the shape of a nose that I have been wanting for so long now!
Don't be jealous, you can go get one too...
I am wearing my lady bug shirt with vest from previous Goodwill trip along with my long shorts from this trip.

I had to get a shot of my newly pierced nose...
THis stud and I are still newlyweds.

Unfortunately with all of vacation's hustle and bustle, I was not able to get all the outfits photographed. But I will try to add them beneath this post just in case you were dying to see it (yeah right!). 
But, for my own peace I will try. 
Have a blessed week and keep reading.

This shirt and salmon top are from this week's thrift trip. The vest and shoes are from past thrift trips.
I love this midge podge pin broach that I bought from Hobby Lobby! It is super artsy...
$6.99 Sam & Libby shoes from past Goodwill shop trip. Love the topaz stone on the shoe. It is my birth stone and just my size... That means I had to buy them.

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