Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Friday, June 28, 2013

To pierce or not to pierce...Who NOSE?

Wonder what's different about this Wonder Woman? Huh? 
I have been wanting to pierce my nose for over 10 years now!
There are certain piercings I would never do, believe me...
but the nose has always been very tempting and attractive to me. 
I keep saying , "One Day"...
But I decided to make that "one day" be my 10 year wedding anniversary. 
My husband gave me a ring 10 years ago... so why not another one today?
So, on our little romantic excursion, we made a stop to the tattoo shop to get it done!
He was more scared than I was I think. 
He was never against it and always agreed with me that it would be cool beans, awesome blossom, and kinda hot. 
But suddenly, on the way there... he was not so sure. 
But I was more sure than ever!
This is me just minutes before my dad noticed my nose. 
He had seen me three times since I got it done and not noticed...
but I was constantly conscious of trying to turn my head in his presence 
feeling like a teenager who was going to be
He was the one I was dreading to see it. 
When he did, it was one joke and laugh... deep breathe (of mine)... 
and that was it. 
Now I'm out to the world!

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