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Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hipster What?

What is a "Hipster"...


1  [hip-ster]  
noun Slang.
a person who is hip.
a person, especially during the 1950s, 
characterized by a particularly strong sense of alienation from most established social activities and relationships.

My Interpretation: Sombody that is hip, but at the same time is too hip for their own good and may be rejected because of this... Does that sound correct?

The fact that I actually had to look this up may make some of my readers roll their eyes... but it is just honest ignorance. I am getting older and a lot less cool in the eyes of the world. But as I grow up and get more comfortable with myself, I am actually getting cooler in my own eyes and I am gaining confidence in who I am as a person and how I express myself inside and out. 
So, now that you have moved your eyes from up in your head or left maybe my site 
(in which case you are not reading anymore...) 
I will explain how this research came about now.This investigation and post actually started when my husband would jokingly call me a "hipster". I think he actually married me just to have somebody to pick on for the rest of his life, but I love it. I would just laugh and pretend to be mad, 
but actually ignorantly didn't even know what a "hipster" was.
So, i did a little research. Is this something I want to be or really already am? 
I assumed it meant that I was "hip" and into what was cool. 
But I don't really (or try not to anyways) do things that are "cool" or trendy at the moment, 
but more like do things that are "cool" within me for eternity.
I just like things that I like because I have always liked them.
Usually, if I like something and everybody else likes it too, kinda makes me like it less...
Does that make sense?

Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink 
has been a fashion icon of mine since forever...
She seems to very much fit the my interpretation of the definition of Hipster.
She went against the grain and had creative guts to do whatever she likes
no matter who said what about it. In the movie, she makes her clothing and accessories out of other things.
My favorite scene is when she disassembles 2 dresses she didn't really love to make one that was one "volcanic ensemble" (in Duckie's words)!
She was poor, but still had style. Despite how others looked at her, she was secure in herself.
That is why Duckie, Blane, and I
Love that Lady!
So, I only tell you about her so that you understand that I am not interested in how I am viewed by others, but more interested in how I view myself. 
If me not caring makes me "hip", then I guess I am pretty "hipster-ish". 

What is Hip Anyway?

Well, one thing I know for sure is that I cringe every time I see "mustache" stuff and "skinny" jeans.
I nod my head when people let their cell phones dominate their life...
So, I am not exactly as "hip" and most people. No matter how "hip" I get, I will never purchase skinny jeans with mustache print! If I do... you have permission to put me out of my misery
and just make sure I am not buried in them.
I did however, in my research, discover some "hipster" 
(that was my last time to put " " around hipster... sorry)
 things that I do like... 
Like some elements of it's style.
I first discovered this site from the blog below...
It is a dress up game for Hipsters.
I even love the music it has on it! It was so peaceful and poppy.
I could play all day.
Hipster Girl dress up game

If these girls are what pops up on Google Images when I search for Hipster...
then I definitely want to get some hipster friends to knit with. 
Image above from..

If Katie from Skunkboy Creatures is a Hipster...
I definitely want to be one!

My Conclusion...
I may be a hipster!
And that my friends and follower (just one currently)
is all right with me...

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