Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Monday, December 16, 2013

Love is in Unexpected Packages...

God shows up in the weakest & most unexpected places. 
He is in the lost, lonely, and hopeless ones. 
Nobody expected to find a KING in a dirty hay covered shack.
They were looking a strong man seated on a throne of a castle. 
Of course, that is what is expected. 
God never does what we expect. He is way too creative for that. After all, He created the creators of the most creative things! He is the MASTER of all MASTERS!
His plan is way grander than ours, although grand things may come in the small packages.
The prettiest presents may come in the most boring wrapping paper. 
God is not about big boxes with shiny bows. 
He is not for the rich of this world, but is for the rich at heart.
You have to look low to find Him in the meek and mild...
This in not just referring to His birth...
It's in our lives everyday.
 We imagine life on grand scale, big, bold, colorful, &  loud!
But He plans the opposite of what we expect. He is full of surprises. He outshines our brightest dream.
How boring would that be if He always did everything we imagined?
That makes our imaginations equal or larger than His...
But He created out imaginations, and He is always steps... no...
 LIFETIMES ahead of us!
We cannot out-imagine Him or plan more perfectly than Him. 
Just be still, listen, trust, and follow the Star. 
It will lead you to a quiet, humble, peaceful, wonderful place. 
Have a Blessed CHRISTmas! 
tabitha seaton
of TheLostSock

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