Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hand Painted Love Gifts...

My Wonderful Mother in Law is the bomb mom! She watches out silly 2 girls all day (M-F) and doesn't want a dime. She does our stinky laundry without complaining and so much more. We are so blessed (or spoiled maybe)! Anything I can do to make her happy with my creations is the absolute least I could do. Creating for others is my love language! She gets this catalog called Sundance... well it is like way expensive but has beautiful stuff inside. Robert Redford own the brand and he has super amazing style. 
Well, she saw this painting by Rebecca Puig with a dog and a man and was wondering if I could paint something similar to it for her. She wanted me to make it a woman and a cat instead. I was excited because I really like a lot of things about this painting she presented. Here is how it turned out...

Original Rebecca Puig Painting
My M.I.L "Graham" and a cat.
She feeds and adopts strays occasionally.
She is feeding the kitty love from her palm.
My favorite thing about it is the way the kitty has little bitty hairs poking out of the tip of it's ears
and her hat tie has the same strings poking out of it.
I did not want to "copy" Puig's painting, so I took what I liked and changed things I wanted.
It is more inspired than copied. I liked her colors and simplicity of form.
I did not want my caregiver to be empty handed though. So, the hearts came in...
I liked the one for Graham so much that I decided to do a similar one for my parents.
They have birthdays and such around this time, so I thought it would be a good idea.
I got my Mom on perfectly fitting her personality! She always wears the same black sweater vest even if it is in the middle of the desert, she will not take it off. It is her security blanket or some sort...
But, my dad was not quite right... so i had to sit and ponder what to do...
I was using a recycled board that a previous artist(?) had started using and never finished.
(captures my LostSock theory of course!).
It had a big blue line going across it and my paint did not want to cover it, so this is
before I got rid of the blue diagonal line ...
This is the final result of my Parent's painting.
I love it so much. My parents are hilarious and I wanted to capture every awkward lovable thing about them here.
They are the best and that is why I did this for them. They better like it... (sike).

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