Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

R U the Real You?

I have loved this quote by Lauryn Hill since the first time I heard it on her
Interlude 5.

I struggled as a youth with my own identity and would sometimes sacrifice my true self in order to fit in with other people. This left me even more confused. But, as I grew older I found out more that it is always better to just be yourself all the time. It may mean that you fit in less with the mass, but you will be happier in the end. As I grew older my faith grew with me. As I became closer to Christ, I realized that I began to reveal parts of myself at the same time. Things that had happened to me throughout my life began to make sense. Questions I had about why I had to go through things that I did were answered. They were all used by Christ in some way to mold my character and personality today. 
The closer I grow to my Creator, the closer I grow to understanding how I was created.
He uses all my flaws, all my bumps, all my bruises for a greater purpose. 
The things that others did not understand about me, or that set me apart from what was popular 
are some of this things I love best about myself.
They are what makes me unique.
So,  listen to the voice of your creator, 
as Lauren Hill said, "that voice, the right one", and let it tell you who you are. 
The things you think are wrong might be the very things He uses to make you a better person.

FYI, I created this picture and post after my pity party post.
It was what came from God cleaning the frosting from my guilty fat cheeks and making me see what was really real...
Read all about it here...

Also, find out how beautiful you really are...
no, really, you are beautiful,
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