Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Friday, April 12, 2013

Clouds in my Coffee... obsession with marvelous mugs!

I am not sure when, but somewhere in my adulthood I became obsessed with unique coffee cups.
My coffee time has become very important to me as a mother.
It is just that...MY coffee TIME!
It is time to be away from the kids, the noise, the crying, and the world 
and just disappear into relaxation and meditation.

by Tabitha Seaton

It is the first thing I think about when I wake up.
This is the time I pick out my favorite cup.
I pick the cup that sets the mood for the day.
I don't want a set, I want an array.
It is a time for me to be alone in the midst of the daybreak
I slowly nurse my cup enjoying each sip I take.
I feel the creamy sweetness go down
while a smile of comfort is born from a frown.
I put on my face and curl up my hair
lifting my voice in a dawn prayer.
The clouds in my coffee go up with my voice
carried away to my idol of choice.
Spending time with my Father in the morning so still, 
I awoke so empty and He begins to fill.
I sip and I talk with Him about my concerns
as each drop of coffee down my through softly burns.
I drink away my mug till the last drop is gone
starting my way to a new dawn.
I started it off right with my cup and my Maker, 
 When my morning was shaky, He was the breaker.
This will be a good day ahead of me
as I look at my beautiful mug happily.

Hold you applause please and continue reading...
I want more mugs!
Yes, every store I enter that may have a mug
I set my eyes for the prize.
It has to have that certain flair that make this girl smile. 
I don't want it to be super silly in a cheap comedy way, NO NO...
That's not me.
I want it to just be beautiful or be unique.
I like them to have a story or spark a memory of mine from the past...
The mug just has to do something other than be a vessel for my drink.

Here are some mugs that I would like to own one day...
Matryoshka Teapot

See more on my Pinterest!

I do not want to drink from the same mug everyday!
How boring is that!?
I like to pick a size, shape, color, form, or whatever to set my day in the right direction.
These are some mugs I currently possess that I love...

Large Owl mug- Peir 1 Imports
Children's Cow mug- Canton Tradedays
Retro Flower mug- Target
Stein mug- Uniques and Antiques of Mineola
Apple Mug (seen below as well)- Cracker Barrel
WOoden Giraffe mug- from my friend Cara on her Africa trip
HillBilly mug- Antique store in Tomball, Texas
Maw Mug- lost track...

My New French Provincial Mug from Target

                                                                     Maw and Pa Mugs

I want to thank my talented photographer, Shannon Seaton, 
 for always putting up with my hair brain photo ideas.
I know he is totally and continually annoyed, but does it cause he loves me.
Right honey?....


PS. I love me some flavored cream. When it comes to coffee, it's the only way I go. 
A little coffee with my cream!
See what I started doing with my creamer bottles when I am done...

Blessed Blogging!

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