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Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Friday, April 5, 2013

We Can Do It! Art Encouragement...

For those of you that read my blog
(my current zero followers, boo hooo hooo)
that may not know, 
I teach Middle School Art. 
I do not consider it a "job" because I enjoy every moment of it 
(well mostly every one moment).

I felt like the kids around my art classroom needed a little boost of encouragement. 
They make such amazing things and don't realize that this is a gift from above. 
They get discouraged when the compare their work to others that may be more advanced around them in the room. But, I have learned as a regular 2nd place B Team kinda girl, that you just do YOUR PERSONAL best. Comparing yourself to others will do nothing but bring your down. I have discovered in my closer walk with Him, that when I get down on how I was created, I am INSULTING MY MAKER! That is the last thing I want to do is offend my Creator. 
I passed by another teacher's classroom one day and saw the "We Can Do It" poster in her room. I have seen it many times before but never really hit me as anything personal. I love the era it represents, the design and the colors, but I really do not consider myself a feminist of sorts. .I thought that the poster was more of an "In You Face Stinky Boys!" kind of hateful message, rather than what it really is. I thought that was what the poster was about, but I was naive.
When I really researched the picture itself, I realized it's original purpose and was very please with my discovery.!

Did you know the lady in the poster was
Geraldine Hoff, not Rosie the Riveter...?
So, just like the Geraldine Hoff's image encouraged the Westinghouse workers to work to their own personal best capabilities, I want to also encourage myself and my students to work their best in the art room. In case you did not notice, I changed my patch on my collar to represent my faith and art. I was nudged by Christ to start an after school program at the school to aid students in ""Creating for their Creator". We decided to call it Art With a Purpose (AWAP). This badge signifies my allegiance to the idea of a higher power being the backbone of my creative success. I did not create myself, so I cannot take credit for anything that I make. I own all my success and power to the One that strengthens me...
Philippians 4"13

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