Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Madelynn's Japan Land Geisha Chamber

My youngest daughter Madelynn has the coolest most unique room in our house.
I thought it was post worthy.
I thought for sure she was going to be a boy and that we were going to do a vintage cowboy theme...
But, when Doc was pretty positive it was a girl (despite my doubt)
we went ahead with purple walls and Japan theme. 
My husband and I had been working on painting and building a set for our local pageant that was Japan theme and I fell in love with all of the decorations and cherry blossom landscapes. 
So, I thought this would be perfect!
So, he started painting and we started collecting.
It was so much fun!
Here is the final outcome after an entire your (almost) of Madelynn's existence in the space.
Geisha Sock doll by LostSock creations, Japanese figures from Uniques & Antiques of Mineola.

We found an awesome seamstress, Wynn Harle of East Texas , to hand sew our vintage style Japanese girl bedding and diaper ho;der.

All stuffed animals (excluding Lambchop) were made by LostSock creations.

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MADELYNN pennants made by LostSock creations.

2 cylindrical paper lanterns from Uniques & Antiques...

Mirrors from Hobby Lobby (ribbon added) 2 faux paint by no. created by LostSock.

Trashcan and Japanese silk robe from Uniques & Atiques

Mural painted by LostSock creations...

cat for sale... sike.... unless you offer over $100... for real... maybe

my mom gave this to us at Maddy's shower. It was perfect because of the fact that Maddy is here only through our constant prayers in asking God to give Maisy a baby sister..

Uniques and Antiques, Melissa Walker rocks!

Hand painted copy by LostSock


Origami Crane Mobile by LostSock creations

Madelynn My Love.

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