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Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Art Study Room

We are slowly transforming our once dining room into an ArtWork Room! 
I did have my own studio in an old timey trailer in the back yard, but realistically never used it. 
It was to secluded and the thought of abandoning my husband to take care of the little ones while i am being creating was so.... well... AWESOME actually. But, evil at the same time.
So, I was just honest with myself and my husband about my feeling. 
I never use my art trailer and we never eat in the dining room.
So, we got real and turned our beautiful dining room into an awesome art space!
It was the best idea ever!
Instead of having my sewing stuff in our closet, the paint in the trailer, and the crayons in my daughter's room... we just put it ALL TOGETHER!
I feel so much better now. There is a place for everything and everything is... well, IN IT"S PLACE!
So, let me give you the tour...

This was my husband's Grandmother's cabinet.
It used to hold our nice blue willow dishes we never used.
Now it hold my sock dolls, fabric, yarn, and sewing supplies.
The plaid tie on the cabinet is to keep my daughter from messing with my fabric!

This is the futon we had in storage. Not only do we have a place to read, our guests have a place to sleep now. So, come on over sister, mother, father, nephews, and niece!
We have been collecting Mexican Movie Posters for a while and had no place for them but in our closet behind my miles of thrift clothes (I wish!). So, this is the perfect place for them now. 
The tiger and horse pillows were embroidered by my late Oma Burmester.

Ahhhh Yeahhh!
Here it is... drumroll please....
It's about dang time.
It holds so many lovelies that I have below in detail...

I love this the most.
Pails from Lowes that hold my necessary artistic items: crayons, colored pencils, and paint brushes.

I have been doing bead jewelry since I was in middle school.
Finally my beads are in order here in these vintage jars, recycled jelly & pickle jars, or any jar I can get my hands on! I love my own pin cushion gifted from a wonderful friend, Cara.
I made the button flowers displayed in a pepper shaker.

Maisy's ugly art supplies are hidden in these vintage cigar boxes!
Rubber band balls are important in every work space...

I love our Sheaffer's Ballpoint Pen display case. 
We bought this from Canton Trade days many years ago. 
Now it is in the perfect place!

I owe it all to My Savior...
I like to keep these blessing reminders around.
They are vintage foil art.

Our trash can is a fat lard... Greenleaf Pure Lard bucket in fact!
Gotta love it.
My are bag in background is a recycled pig feedbag from Vietnam.

Book shelf, basket of fabric, sewing kit, and the time out chair...

Madelynn with the milk boxes about to read her color book.

This was my big DIY project for the art space.
I wanted two galvanized steel organizers for my wall.
I could not find one anywhere within my price range.
So, found a way to make the fake!
I went to Green Willow Pond blog.

I found these at JoAnn's fabric in Tomball, Texas 
(while on vacation). 
They were on sale for 40% off of $12 (?)

I just followed the blog directions and Viola'!
Hope you love it as much as I do. 

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