Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Barn Hex SIgn

Allright, I am not sure what it is, but seeing these pictures of these barn blessings makes my heart giddy.
I guess it is the colors or the folksy style that appeals to my German heritage... not sure. 
but.... needless to say, I LOVE THEM!!!
I don't know why I always love things and just dwell on their awesomness for so long, then something inside me just stops and says, "You can make it!"
So, for as long as I have loved these barn blessing signs, I have decided to make one for my... uhh... barn?
no, wait... I don't have a barn, that's right...
oh well, why not just make it a home blessing sign? what's stopping me?
So, here I go...

I tried to find a few signs that I really love the design of for inspiration... it was hard...

But I decided to use the three below and just combine the ideas of all to fit my  personal  taste.
Where do I put this giant disk while I am working on it?
Well, I hide it under my table cloth of the kitchen table sillies!
Then it doesn't have to stare at me when I am busy, just begging to be worked on. I just do it when I have a moment.
I am not done yet,,, but will be soon!
SO, stay tuned to my blossoming blog to see the end results of my
Not-so-Barn Blessing!
See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya...
cause I like being me!

Maisy is assisting me with painting while Maddy eats Goldfish...

A little further progress on the sign... this time the whole family wanted to help!

Whhewww (wiping sweat from brow)...!
I am finally done with the Barn Blessing Sign I started weeks ago.

I think it looks awesome.
Another time proven that instead of wishing you had something, just use the creativity God gave you to go out and make it yourself. What's stopping you? 
Some people ask me how i get so much art done with 2 girls and a full time job.
Well, first of all I am incredibly blessed that my MIL works her tail off while I am at work to allow us to spend time with the kids when we get home. So, I really do not have to do a whole lot when I get home except tend to their needs. So, I can't pretend I am SuperTab on my own whatsoever...
The first step to being a REAL superhero is to first admit that it is NOT YOU that makes you super.
This is the cover of my autobiographical comic that tells my testimony (in the works).
SuperTab gets her super powers from her Creator.
If we let our heads get big, we are not so super anymore and our powers become in vain...
Also, I do take the gifts God gave me VERY SERIOUSLY!
I do not want to waste one single solitary second of my life just sitting and wasting my gift, and at any blessed opportunity I choose to glorify my God with my talent and time. 
The Bible says that when we give money (tithe) in faith to God, he will bless us back. 
(Job 41:11 and Malachi 3:8-12)
People say "time is money" which is really true.
If I give my free time to the Lord to create for Him, in order to attempt to bring otheres to Him through my creation... then he will in turn Bless me with more time. 
Sometimes, I just pray that if it is God's will for me to create something today, that He will make a way...
and he mostly does. I do have times where I feel dry on ideas...  I see that as God making time for me to rest which only makes my active times more meaningful and blessed. Usually it is a way for God to get me to come to Him alone in my quiet time to hear what His next creative step is for me.
I love these times!
In the same way, if I did not give back to Him the gift He has given me,
I would be robbing him of it (Job 41:11).
What He gives he can take away... anytime. So, I want to choose to have an attitude of gratitude daily.
Creating daily give me such pure joy.
It is my way of communing with Him, being still and quiet to enjoy the gift He gave me with Him. 
It is like a father making a one of a kind toy for his child as a Christmas gift... Till finally after all the thought and work spent, the child open the gift make just for them... all the time the Father is carefully watching thier expression in hope. 
Well, My Father in Heaven sees me open this gift everyday and each time I am surprised and amazed that this gift never gets old... it only gets better! I feel so special that he loved me enough to give me it and I want to use it responsibly the way He intended so He never takes it away.
We decided to put this sign at the front of our house  to see it everyday when we leave and return.

I am so happy!

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