Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Where is my Yellow Brick Road?

I want to walk your way
& am taking life Day by Day.
I'm changing my perspective hoping to clearly see.
I've put on my ruby slippers my Father gave to me.
I'm ready to follow wherever he may lead.
... He is my sun and I am his submissive seed.
I have asked Him for his wisdom to help me find my way. I've asked for His guidance to strengthen me this day.
I'm waiting patiently for my Yellow Brick Road to appear. I'm eager to hear His answers whispered tenderly in my ear...
But a fog is densely covering this land,
blocking the view from where I stand.
This yellow road will not be what leads to my rainbow...
it's not what's beneath me that will show me where to go. He is showing me to walk without looking down,
but instead steer my eyes to His Son's thorny crown.
It is not a magical road that is mortared by man's hands, but a King of all kings that understands.
He wants my eyes to remain on Him without doubt, knowing His hands will mortar and grout.
He will not lay the road long in front of me,
but brick by brick reveal His plan surprising me.
For He knows what lies ahead
and my life's pages
He has read.
I will trust Him brick by brick,
to His face my eyes will stick.

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