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Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Friday, August 16, 2013

Three Leaves in the wind... poetry of a mother widow.

For those of you who do not know, I am an art teacher. 4 weeks as a widow and I am back to work again. It will be bittersweet. I was super blessed to have my husband, Shannon, as theater arts teacher at the same school. We ate lunch together everyday, drove together, and much more. I am here in my art room cleaning up piles of papers left over from the last year and I stumbled apon some artwork that Shannon created this Summer during our Art Teacher Workshop we had here. 
See info about this here:
At this summer event, Shannon helped me a lot putting it all together and it was amazing. He was my helper, making copies for any of the art teachers that needed anything... he was always very supportive of anything I did. When he was not busy running errands, he sat and listened to the lessons the other art teachers shared. He participated in one of using oil pastel in layers to scratch off designs in leaf shapes. You can see it below (the second attachment). I always tried to nurture his artwork because he was really good. He had a passion for it, but felt it was ruined by a bad experience with an art teacher when he was younger. I loved his art. I always told him he could be the art teacher if he wanted to, he was good enough. But, he used a lot or art in his teaching of theater. When I found this leaf picture, I felt like I had just found a treasure that GOd put there for me amongst all of my papers to organize. I looked at the leaves and there were only three. It reminded me of what he left behind and God began to minister to me right here in my room. I decided to take the picture he started and use it to help me and the girls (daughters 2 and 6 years old)  know it is not just us.. like three lonely leaves, but that Dad is still here, in the breeze. So, I decided to use his art as an illustration of a poem. I think this is amazing because even though he is gone, we are still working as a team.. making something together... like we always did. We were an amazing team. Ever since college at SHSU, as we took classes together we would just work together and rub creatively off of each other 
to make each other better..
Isn't that what a couple should do? Increase eachother's value, encourage eachother as a team. 
Support eachoterhs talents and dreams... 
That is what we did and I thank God for letting me have this amazing man for 10 years as a husband, and even longer as a best friend...

Hold you loved ones tighter, and always kiss goodnight. 
God Bless...

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