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Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Friday, August 16, 2013

Mercy Me... and Debby

At the concert... 
Love you Deb

  Ok Debby, you did it! 
So you are officially forgiven for all the mean things you did to me as a kid... sike. Love you!

My sister, Debby, nominated me for the Mercy Me, Beautiful contest. She called the station telling them about me, her little sister, and my painful circumstances. 
It turns out she won us the tickets to go see Mercy Me and get a personal photo shoot with them! I am so excited to go and hear them live and am expecting to just feel the Lord so incredibly when I go. I am looking so forward to this... Listen to my sister sweetly speak of me here.

Their song, Hurt and the Healer, really helped me through a hard time in my life. I posted this to my other art teacher blog in 2012 to share the healing. I had avoided art that was connected to my emotion for a whole year because the pain was deep, but this song birthed a very important picture for my healing process before I became a widow. See here...
Read the post below on link...

Now, after hearing the song through a widows heart, it is an entirely different experience. I am more open with my art now. I know that He can take my pain inside and use it in a beautiful way to share with others, in the process of helping them and ministering to them.
I am so grateful for the way the Lord works out our tragedy and pain. I know He has plans for me and my girls, The opportunity to go see Mercy Me and meet them is a sure manifestation of the Lord showing me his love by putting people in my life that think I am "beautiful".

Love You Debby,
Your Little Sister
Ta-Ta Pooper

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