Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Prune my Passions of Gardener of Grace...

As each day passes in my life, I am filled with passions and dreams.
Reflectingly stopping to think what each one means...
Some of them are selfish and work thier way in
usually giving birth to sin.
Some seem good and pure, but I am never sure.
So I thougtfully still my heart and pray
this prayer of true trust every day.
Cause giving Him control of our heart's desires
is a sweet sacrifice from our offering fires.
A heart can be foolish if we let it go free
without giving Him time on our knee
and asking him to allign it's  beat
with the ryhthm He taps with His mighty feet.
As I lay and look above, I know I see your tender hand
ready to change the composition of this thriving land.
You have my complete and sincere trust
to cultivate the soil within my beating bust.
You see what I want but know what I need
I hand you the shovel and you take lead.
My passion are deeply rooted inside
some selfish blooms I cannot hide.
You know my heart and all within,
Open my flesh and remove the sin.
Uproot the prickly strangling weeds
and replace them with your blessed seeds.
Kill my dreams and make them yours
and on them now your warm light pours.
Nourish them and make them grow
only then will I have peace to know
that what blooms inside is your plan for me
a fragrant wind of your desire for me.
I talk about this idea in my Diaries of a Young Widow on
YouTube "Praying for my Passions" Vlog...
Sketch for Final coloring

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