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Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Friday, October 25, 2013

Balance of Faith...

As we walk the road of faith towards the cross we choose to be selfless.
Nobody walks this path perfectly. We often venture off to the sides, knowing that we should not.
One side we walk on is high, so high that we think we don' t need Him. We think we are our own God and that all things are possible though ourselves. We can do anything and need Him for nothing. Everythign we gain is for our glory. We are rich, rightous, and prideful. But, on this plateau of pride, it hurts to fall off. But, through the pain of falling from it, we see the truth.
On the other side of the path, it is low and pull of pits. If we venture here, we feel as though we have nothing to offer God. We feel as though He does not see us and has forgotten us. We are worthless and feel pity on ourselves for being left by Him. But the truth is that we left, not Him. We can always go back. In fact, He is waiting there for us patienly in love, never condeming.
Although the clouds may be grey outside of his love, we are invited to walk with Him daily.
Will you give up your selfish pride or self pity to follow a road unselfishly?
It is not easy, but He gives us strength, guidance, and protection there.
At the end is eternity, peace, and treasure.
Follow and see...

sketch of balance of faith
pre color...

I did a Bible Study lesson for Sunday School 
and used this worksheet at our Visual handout on the lesson. 
It has ALOT of valuable scripture about being Prideful, Pitiful, and being on the right path.
You are more than welcome to use it if you like for any study you are using.

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