Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cup of Sand

Drip doubt drip doubt
Like slow trickle from a water spout.
Searching outside for my thirst to be soothed
But there's no thing that will make my fever smoothed.
My melting ego needs some relief
A compliment sincere enough to believe.
I could search every crevice of this land
To find no water... Only sand.
I'll fill my cup with its grains and take it in
Only to result in a stronger quench within. 
Each sip bringing me closer to death
Drying my lungs as I struggle for a breath...
I close my eyes and drop the cup I clenched
To find a love inside that is sure to drench.
It's always there when all else fails
After I've searched all other dry dead trails.
My compass core always brings my back to You
My overflowing water cup and North so true. 
Why do I get lost so easily so steered astray
When You've proven me time & time the only true way. 
You love this girl who is lost & dizzy from her selfish circling
Always falling tired and thirsty from the vain dance she's swirling. 
You catch me in Your arms so strong
And love me all my journey long. 
Thank You for Your merciful patience with me
For You are my greatest love J.C.

Tabitha Seaton

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