Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Saturday, November 22, 2014

UnContainable Dreams

I had dreams in the past

That I held onto tight.
Like a child waits for a star
To shoot through the night, 
I waited & wished for it all to come, 
With my heart strongly beating like a drum. 
Then life brought a change, 
Surprising seasons age...
Now Dreams seem too far to touch, 
And my wrinkled hands loosen their clutch. 
My dreams I once tightly carried
Were bottled, corked & buried
Where the light no longer shines bright...
Forgotten and out of sight. 
My hearts became jaded 
As old dreams felt faded. 
Fear forcefully pushed the dirt tightly on top, 
To trap the dream's seed and produce no crop. 
I thought it better to suffocate the seed, 
That to live lonely with doubt & watch it bleed....
But the drumming dream beneath can't be hidden long, 
With it's everlasting joyful song.
The dream's drum cracks the bottle that contains, 
While the sun shines down and Heaven rains. 
Preparing a surface for my dreams to be reborn, 
Where roots grow up and soil is torn. 
The star shoots down and pulls the stem from below, 
Giving life to my dream and making it grow. 
The star I once waited for like a child each night, 
Is giving my dreams a new promise of light.

Art and Poetry by Tabitha Seaton
* A young widow's dreams can not stay bottled up. 
Inspired by new love & hope. 

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