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Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cocoon of Change...

I have been so anxious (since recently being widowed) to see what God has in store. I knew, even though unexpected, that Shannon's (my husband) death was the will of God. I had a peace that passes understanding and He is comforting me through my grief. I know He is present every second of my day. I know He has plans, but I can't help to roll around on sleepless nights just fantasizing about what is to come. I make up these stories in my head of all kinds of thing that COULD happen. Till a part of me gets restlessly impatient with Him and says, "God, HURRY UP!". Then I have to get back and check and remember that He has his perfect timing. He knows my end and my beginning and how best it is arranged. He makes my path straight and lit for me...
Here is my thoughts on His advice to me...
Cocoon of Change...
Sit tight and rest in your cocoon
being wrapped in my loving embrace
Allow my warmth to soften you
and let my hands to mold you anew.
What you were before was just the start,
you were content with your belly full of leaves
but now it's time for a change.
Part of life is growing and it requires change,
trust me with the pains that may come from it.
I know you feel the change coming
and are excited for your wings,
but slow your squirming for a while.
Be patient for a bit...
enjoy the miraculous process of what I am doing now.
Breathe deep and soak in my light.
The plans I have require strength, tools, and skills
you have not yet acquired.
So, let me nourish you in this state
and you will be amazed.
Crawl into my cocoon of comfort and let me cradle you
till your every squirm as been relaxed and you fall fast asleep.
I love you so much and can't wait to see
your face when I am through.
Cause that's when you will realize
that I know best for you.
You will see the light more strongly waiting there for you
and the new gifts I will have sewn on you
will help you soar so free.
But for now I want you to close your eyes, rest your fears,
and trust my molding hands.
Be Still, Be Quiet, Be Mine...

Below are previous colore pencil drawings I had created
that relate to the words above...

WIngs to Fly
 The Maker Molds
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The Lost Sock

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