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Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Widow's Sanity... how to keep it.

Dear Wounded Widow,

Ok, breathe deep! It is ok to not have it ALL togther. We cannot do everything that we did before our men left and all that our husbands did without going insane. I think our sanity is at the upmost improtance. You have a choice... either
A. let some little stuff go, or
B. let your sanity go.

Ok, make the choice... I'm waiting.

IF you chose B. uh oh, you better go get busy doing those things that in the end won't matter one bit!
If you chose A, GOOD! continue reading.

Welcome back to reading you wise woman...
So, for me personally,
in the midst of raising my 2 girls, housework, bills, a full time job, trying to stay fit and healthy, being an artist, and making time for Christ...  there is not much time to do things that in the long run, don't even matter.  If I did, what would it prove anyway? Some things will have to just be let go. All I can do is my best and let God do the rest. My daily concern is "What is most important today, what can wait till tomorrow, and according to Christ... what is everlasting?".  For example, if I know that I need to water the plants but at the same time my 2 girls are being very needy... I choose to spend time with them. I am the only parent they have left and thier neediness is really a plee to satisfy thier love quotient for the day. Instead of telling them, NO, not now, I am busy, I have to water the plants that will die this fall anyways... I choose to nurture them. Plants will die and do not have spirits... children do. If I know that I should clean my baseboards, but I am inspired to create a painting that may win a soul to Christ or give peace to a hurting friend... I choose to paint. I ask myself, "What will last? What is GOD calling me to do?". We don't know if Moses had a clean house with sparkling base boards, or watered perky plants... but we know he led His people out of Egypt and followed the Lord wherever He led. We don't know if Mary cooked delisious cuisines every night for Joseph and her boys, but we do know that she trusted the Lord despite her interrupted plans. We do know however that Martha was a great host (or so she thought). Her bed was probablly perfectly made and her base boards shined brighter than diamonds, but she DID NOT have it all figured out. But her sister Mary did have things figured out. Instead of running around like a headless chicken when Jesus stopped by, She chose what was everlasing. She chose to worship her Lord. The expensive perfume she washed his feet with would not last forever if it just sat in the bottle... but the lavish sacrifice she showed in using it to clean Jesus's feet gave her priceless everlasting treasures above.

So, things like making the bed... if nobody is going to see your bed but you, then don't make it! I actually walk by my unmade bed with pride, knowing that I won't have to go through the annoying pointless process of throwing the nicely stacked decorative pillows on the floor that night and fold down the sheet just to finally rest. And if some unexpected visitor were to see your bed unmade accidentally, if they judge you for not making it... it is thier problem, not yours. You, lovely lady,  have more important things to take up your time than wasted worry.

Listen to this song, "I want to leave a Legacy" by Nichole Nordeman... It inspired me to look to what's most important. How will they remember me?

For more comfort and understanding from another widow's perspective... read here

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