Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Billy Button DIY

I love Billy Button flowers!!!
But they can be very costly to buy fresh and I found them costly to buy faux as well! This girl is cheap... I mean creatively thirifty, so if I can't afford it...
These were my flowers in the wedding boquet. I have all sorts, but this time I just wAnted the Billy buttons. 

So I pulled out my supplies. 
Yarn (yellow, whites, holds), scissors. Grapevine wire, fork, and vase. 
Using your fingers, fork, or anything that has a slit in middle 
Wrap Yarn around about 30 times 
(the more times, the fuller the Pom)

Tie a short piece sound the middle of the bundle. Tie tightly more than once. 
Use the wire to tie in with the small piece. 
Fold over wire to keep flower in place. 

You can also use two yarns at once doing less rounds around the fork to have a multi colored Pom. 

After center is tied tight, cut the outside loops of each petal to make into may multiple strands instead of 1 long piece of yarn. 
 If puff is not round, trim ends of yarns to add the round form. 
Put Billy buttons in a vase and you are done!!!

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