Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Faith through the Flood

In obedience the boat was built,
while others were living sinfully with no guilt.
My Father showed me how to construct our new home
that would soon float on ocean's great foam.
The flood came as the home sat on dry land
the water coming closer we were now on the shore's sand.
Our foundation moved to a fluid new song
none of us knowing the chorus so long.
Here we were for what seemed forever
swaying side to side in this wet weather.
When will it end?
A dove I will send.
To see if there is any land poking through this endless wave.
Bird just returns to it's only place to rest.
This floating home it favors best.
Till he comes back to me with a limb of a tree,
I know we must float faithfully.
I want to see some sign of this season's end,
to know another perch for this dove I send.
Where is the light in this boat we reside,
Where is God's face, must the sun hide?
Is there beauty below that will be revealed in HIs time?
Is there a mountain of mass to where we can climb?
Lord show us the Earth solid and dry
my tears turned to happiness, with passion I'll cry.
Ill rub the dirt on my face
when I'm done with this race.
Lord in Your time I know,
for I trust there is beauty below.
Ecclesiastes 3:11
Finished my rainy flood day picture. It was nice to have the day off and get some free creative energy out. Houston has been underwater for the last 2 says. Flash floods have closed down schools, brought water into homes, shut down roads, businesses and even lead to 5 or more deaths.
We have been blessed as a family to have not had our home hurt by the floods. But we are a rare case. This picture is from being stuck at home for 2 days from work and school. It is partly inspired by the storm itself but other things as well..

 This was inspired by pastor Frankie's sermons (of Spirit Filled Celebration Church of the Woodlands's Ark Series) , a necklace an anonymous friend gave me 2 years ago, new blessings & the flood today. It's about Gods promises to us, His time vs. ours, being patient when we feel like we are drowning, trusting that He has something below the surface of the water waiting & renewal. The verse it is based on is Ecclesiastes 3:11.

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