Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Faith, Fun, Fashion, & Family

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Creative Process, guided by the Spirit

Every time I create a piece of artwork related to my Creator, something special happens inside of me. I feel as though the Holy Spirit fills me up and aides me in the entire creative process. It is a very intimate time of worship with me. I just disappear into the spirit realm and let Him take control of my every creative movement. I decided to document each part of this special project. This is a faith based drawing, but the idea came from a client's imagination. He told me that he wanted a picture like this for a while now and explained to me the image in his mind. I find it challenging to work with others images, simple because if they do not collide, the client will be disappointed. They have to rely on my image as well to collide with their own giving me some freedom to roam. But, I really wanted to take the offer since it is a spiritual picture and that is my legacy to Create for My Creator. 
So, as I communicated with the client, he told me he wanted A boy and girl walking down a path while holding Jesus' hand leading into a spread out area of redwood trees. The path leading to a sunrise and the viewer seeing this scene from behind. He wanted it to look like they were starting their morning with Jesus...

So, I got images online of redwood trees, sunrises, and kids walking while holding hands (never did find the perfect one though). I printed the images for reference and began by using my original small simple design as a jumping board (see below).

I started by lightly drawing in the images with pencil and then outlining them with thick and thin permanent markers. I left the distant trees and details uninked to appear as though there was atmospheric perspective. (see below image)

After I completed the drawing one night, I could not go to bed just thinking about how I would use color to make the image really come to life. This is one of my GREATEST passions in life... COLOR! I was super ready to get it started but knew I wanted to sleep on it before I began the following day. So the next morning, I got out my 50 pack of Crayola colored pencils and started on the sunrise. This was the part I was most inspired by from my reference images. I wanted it to appear as though the sun was so sharp and bright that it burst out past the horizon line. That kind of light that you have to squint at, you know? I then put the cool dark shadows of purple and blue into the redwood tree trunks. (see below image)

Then I worked all of the amber gold colors of the sunset into the light side of the trees to capture the powerful warmth of the sun's comfort. I really worked hard to make the trees closest to the sun appear lighter and airier than the ones closer to the viewer. I think this helps us feel that the further we walk down the path with Christ, the closer we are to hope and light. The path far from Him is dark and lonely. 

I put off the people till last really because I feel very self consious about my people drawing skills. I did not find the perfect picture to look at to draw the images, so I had to imagine what they would look like in my head and what the body would be doing as they walked. I drew the pencil lines for them so many times I almost wore the paper out. But, I feel as though I did the best I could. Coloring them gave me more confidence that I could camouflage any line drawing imperfections by drawing the eye to the forms. Everything looks better with color (in my opinion).

The walkers from a different angle... 

The sun was so fun for me. I love what the source of light can do to a picture, turning it from flat to fabulous. I love using cool dark colors (blue, green, violet) for the shade rather than black. Then I mix in warm tones (gold, yellow, orange, red, peach, and pink) to give the lighter side some sassy splash. 
I had a really fun time drawing the ferns. I thought they would be a pain, but they were really fun and easy for me...

So, by the end of the whole process I feel a sense of accomplishment that My Maker with me did something together successfully. On my own, it may not have been as much. I encourage you to take what you love and glorify the Lord with it, giving Him control to work through you. I find that in this process, I learn more about my Creator as I create.

See more of my faith based creations here..

Friday, October 25, 2013

Balance of Faith...

As we walk the road of faith towards the cross we choose to be selfless.
Nobody walks this path perfectly. We often venture off to the sides, knowing that we should not.
One side we walk on is high, so high that we think we don' t need Him. We think we are our own God and that all things are possible though ourselves. We can do anything and need Him for nothing. Everythign we gain is for our glory. We are rich, rightous, and prideful. But, on this plateau of pride, it hurts to fall off. But, through the pain of falling from it, we see the truth.
On the other side of the path, it is low and pull of pits. If we venture here, we feel as though we have nothing to offer God. We feel as though He does not see us and has forgotten us. We are worthless and feel pity on ourselves for being left by Him. But the truth is that we left, not Him. We can always go back. In fact, He is waiting there for us patienly in love, never condeming.
Although the clouds may be grey outside of his love, we are invited to walk with Him daily.
Will you give up your selfish pride or self pity to follow a road unselfishly?
It is not easy, but He gives us strength, guidance, and protection there.
At the end is eternity, peace, and treasure.
Follow and see...

sketch of balance of faith
pre color...

I did a Bible Study lesson for Sunday School 
and used this worksheet at our Visual handout on the lesson. 
It has ALOT of valuable scripture about being Prideful, Pitiful, and being on the right path.
You are more than welcome to use it if you like for any study you are using.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Prune my Passions of Gardener of Grace...

As each day passes in my life, I am filled with passions and dreams.
Reflectingly stopping to think what each one means...
Some of them are selfish and work thier way in
usually giving birth to sin.
Some seem good and pure, but I am never sure.
So I thougtfully still my heart and pray
this prayer of true trust every day.
Cause giving Him control of our heart's desires
is a sweet sacrifice from our offering fires.
A heart can be foolish if we let it go free
without giving Him time on our knee
and asking him to allign it's  beat
with the ryhthm He taps with His mighty feet.
As I lay and look above, I know I see your tender hand
ready to change the composition of this thriving land.
You have my complete and sincere trust
to cultivate the soil within my beating bust.
You see what I want but know what I need
I hand you the shovel and you take lead.
My passion are deeply rooted inside
some selfish blooms I cannot hide.
You know my heart and all within,
Open my flesh and remove the sin.
Uproot the prickly strangling weeds
and replace them with your blessed seeds.
Kill my dreams and make them yours
and on them now your warm light pours.
Nourish them and make them grow
only then will I have peace to know
that what blooms inside is your plan for me
a fragrant wind of your desire for me.
I talk about this idea in my Diaries of a Young Widow on
YouTube "Praying for my Passions" Vlog...
Sketch for Final coloring

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Asymmetrical Black Bob...

Ok, I have been wanting a change in my hair to go along with my new widow status.
I want something strong, brave, gutsy, and sassy.
I feel as though my hair is my crown and it reflects how I feel inside.
And well, this is how I am feeling.
I have been wanting to go black for a long time...
see here...
but looking back at that post, I was so chicken and just tippy toed around just
So, now that I am really black haird a year or so later... I am feeling like I have nothing to lose.
I have no husband to ask what he likes anymore. I usually did my hair the way he wanted and changed every so often to keep things interesting. 
So now, I will just do what I want...
I found this girl Frankie online that is in a English Girl Band called The Saturdays.
I am not really super intersted in her music...
Seems like a lot of other ladies do as well. She is getting copied so much like
she is the new Victoria Becham because of her bob.
So, here are some of my favorite images of her hair...
I like this one because of the way her bangs are kinda off and crazy curled up...
That is what I am attempting below.
Here is another girl I discovered online with the same hair and she actually shows you how to get it done in the salon. I love her confidence and her makeup too...
MakeUpByEman on Youtube...
Her first explanination of her hair...
what to tell your hair stylist if you want this look...

Fake a Frankie...
my previous hair was like this...
but then I was brave enough to really go black, and was attempting to grow out the bob...
but that did not last long. I can't stand the in between phase of that creepy crawly hair on my neck.
So, I decided to just start slowly chopping a little more every night for a weekend.
Taking baby steps is the best way for me.
I cut my own hair and have for the last 15 years. I am a thirfty lady who does not want to pay somebody a bunch of money to give me a cut I really don't like anyways. I trained myself, after many years of tears after leaving a salon, to just do it myself.
People always ask me how in the world I do it...
It is a mix of feeling, looking, and cutting.
I can cut the back of my hair with my eyes shut... literally. I "feel" my way through the cutting process. It is kinda like sculpture. I touch, feel what is too long, not even, or out of spot and cut away. The front I do by sight. I use my scissor like a razor and cut with them half open and slide the scissor downward. It is a confusing process. But I usually do not cut my entire hair in one sitting. It is a weekly process of cutting, looking, cutting, looking some more, and more...
I may have some sort of OCD with my hair cutting ... OK!
SO, here is where I am today. Kinda there, but not quite yet. I know I may one day be brave enough to go full out almost bald on the nape of the neck, but that will take time to be that brave.

I'm not quite brave enough yet to cut the under back incredibly short like Frankie.
I may be later, but for now I am just going to Fake Frankie.
Top Left: Tuck my hair behind my hear to make it look more like Frankie's short.
Got the cheat idea from this cute as a button girl on youtube
lots of cute tips on how to style short hair...

So, this is where I am now. Hopefully I can get the guts to go full out Frankie! WE will see...
Till then, Peace OUt my fellow hair obsessed ladies!
God Bless your Tress...